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Tips for Evie


                         +75493 weight

  To an Evie, everything is heavy. They're little wusses. Probably a good idea to get up to speed with your armor proficiencies pretty quick- Even the lightest will be quite heavy for them.

- Tip Submitted by SLHRinoa

 Focus, young padawan.

  An Evie's focus is a pretty annoying yet useful skill. Fun fact: The focus is also capable of "finishing" enemies.

-Tip submitted by SLHRinoa

                            Need for speed.

 "Speed Casting" is a fantastic "skill" to learn. The good news is it's available to you, no matter what level or rank your skill. When you use focus, immediately after the first "flash" of light  surrounds you, right click again. If you 
                           get timing just right, you'll immediately 
                           be sent to the next level of focus.

                           -Tip submitted by Xenphara