Balamb Garden 
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Our members- A team set apart

  All guild members are chosen based on their measure of character by the admins. All guild admins work as a team, being co-admins under one creator.
  All admins are chosen based on trustworthiness and skills, chosen to run certain responsibilities toward the benefit and support of the members. No admin is a "superior being". Admins are trusted members with appointed responsibilities and duties to uphold. Admins are to remain humble and supportive. All admins work in consult, to ensure a well balanced team.
  Our members are of stand-up character, and are good people. Our guild was built "ON" set morals and regulations, but not "UNDER" them. This means all members already abide by proper moral attitude before being recruited. The guild was built by the members, for the members, and is here to serve as a network of fun, help, support, and teamwork.