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What is Ventrilo Voice Chat?

  Ventrilo, or "vent", is an alternative voice chat for Vindictus. It's a free program available for download that allows guild users to get together in various chat rooms.

Why Ventrilo? Why bother?

  As you may know, voice chat in Vindictus pretty much sucks. It's laggy, choppy, and the music is louder than the voices! With Ventrilo, the audio is so much clearer, you can choose push-to-talk or auto record, you can join chat rooms especially for your party when making runs, you can continue to chat as your Vindictus dungeons are loading, you can continue to chat as your party or guild is in town, and much more.

Will Ventrilo slow down Vendictus or my computer?

  No. Ventrilo is actually a very small application, and thus actually runs way FASTER than Vindictus voice chat.

I don't have a mic. Can I login just to listen?

  Yes! If you're in a party, and would like to hear your guild members, but don't have a mic, you can still use Ventrilo to hear your buddies.

Okay, I'm sold. How do I get Ventrilo? Is it free?

  Ventrilo is our own private guild chat. It's free for the guild users, and available for very fast download. For links to dowloand, or a detailed "how to", click here.
Be sure to also read the guild Ventrilo rules and guidelines here.
Have fun!