Balamb Garden 
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Problem solved!! 10/09/2011
My uploading and importing problems have been solved!! I'm so happy!
So I've updated my contact on the bios, and the portion of the "tips" page that was under construction is finished.
Latest Update 10/04/2011
Latest site update includes:
Revampted "bios" sections
New "Submit Tips!" page under "Support / Contact"
New "Forum FAQ" page under "Support / Contact"
New "General Combat Tips" page under "Tips and Resources" 

I'm currently undergoing some technical difficulties regarding any uploading or linking of images. I'm looking into the issue as my top priority, and I'll keep you all updated. Sorry-
Thanks for your patience
Site Update! 10/02/2011
The latest site update has been released! Including new features such as contests, raffles, and a smooth new reorganization of menus. Let us know what you think in comments! What else do you think the site could improve upon?
Introducing... 09/23/2011
  As you may know, some features, such as the guild Ventrilo server and some website features, cost real world money. This is run out-of-pocket by some of our admins.
And now, if you'd like to make any custom donation to help us out, it's possible!
We'd greatly appreciate donations to benefit the guild. Thank you!
Introducing... 09/23/2011
Announcing the new guild survey, polls, and contact page!
All set up and ready to go.
Wow, heavy scissors.

The guild website is now up, fully operational, and open to the public! (makes it sound like it took forever!) But really, I'm excited to finally have the ball rolling. Our various guild features are all here for you to explore. Check out the following-
Ventrilo voice chat alternative!
Under the forums, check out the donations and trading post services!
And meet all guild admins under the "admin bios" category.
Let us know what you think!! Or maybe you have a suggestion? Either drop us a line under "contact the admin", or visit us in-game.

Features yet to come-
-The guild comes to Facebook!
-Guild website polls!