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Ventrilo "Rules and Regulations"

  By using the guild Ventrilo server, you must understand and agree to the following terms.

Be kind and considerate to your guild buddies.

  Use headphones whenever possible.
If you do not have headphones, keep your speaker volume low to avoid recording your buddies voices, and use push to talk.

  Background noise happens.
If you have a lot of this happening, mute your mic for a while or use push to talk. If your mic is picking up too much, check the Ventrilo download page on this website for a detailed settings "how to".

  Use a different channel.
If you are running in a smaller party, feel free to use a specific channel for your party. This ensures other parties, guild members, or loitering chat members are not distracting you or being too loud during your raids.

  Let others know if you're AFK.
If you're going AFK for a while, feel free to mute your mic so as to respect other players. If you will be going AFK for an unknown period of time, and you think you'll be gone for quite a while, either move to our AFK channel for the time being, or set a "comment". The "comment" will appear next to your username for all guild buddies to see. You may set it to "AFK".

Do not violate the "no exceptions" terms.

  NEVER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give out the Ventrilo information. This is an absolutely no exceptions rule. Doesn't matter if someone claims to be an admin. The Ventrilo login information is trusted to the guild ONLY, and should ONLY be handed out by an admin. Doing this may result in immediate banning. If you would like to invite a non-guild member into the chat, please consult the admin.

  Watch your language.
Use of vulgar or inappropriate language can offend guild buddies, or perhaps taint young impressionable children. Keep in mind the guild is open to users of all ages, and some users have children nearby.

  Play nice.
Bullying, scoffing, insults, put-downs, rude gossip, or anything of the sort is not allowed. You may be booted from the Vent server for a while if this is violated repeatedly.

  No trolling.
Trolling, soliciting, goofing off, or similar abuse of the Ventrilo server and channels is not appropriate. Repeated abuse will result in being banned from the server for a while.

  Respect your admins
All admins are placed in positions of responsibility, and have certain duties to perform in order to keep the guild running and fun for all users. Please respect all admins.

Repeated violations ... isn't pretty.

Your admins are understanding, but must uphold the rules. If you've been warned multiple times, this may result in being banned- Either for a certain time, or permanently.
Temporary bans can be placed by any admin. Permanent bans are decided by the admins as a group.
Lifting temporary bans can be done by any admin, but the admin who placed the ban will be consulted. Lifting permanent bans can only be decided by the admins as a group.
Continued misuse of the guild in any manner, on Vindictus or Ventrilo, may result in a permanent ban from our guild. This will be decided by the admins as a group.

Phew, glad that's done with!
  We try to keep the guild and chat service clean, functioning, and most of all fun for everyone. Please keep these in mind when using our Ventrilo service!
  Thank you!!